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THE TIMBER RIDGE SERIES ® Critical Illness Insurance Plans

The Timber Ridge Series plan is designed to pay a lump sum benefit up to the face amount purchased following the insured’s death or diagnosis of certain specified critical illnesses (critical conditions)*.

The Timber Ridge Series features:

A 10-Year Level Renewable and Convertible Term Life policy that is Renewable each ten years to age 70 and convertible at age 65; and

A living benefits rider providing a benefit payable for a critical illness — that can be used to help with lost wages, deductibles, mortgages and much more

Added Coverage When You Need it

The Timber Ridge Series has a maximum face amount of $250,000. Issue amounts that use simplified underwriting are based on age and amount.

*Critical conditions are defined in the policy. Payments of the Critical Condition Accelerated Benefit may be taxable. Consult a tax advisor as to the taxability of any living benefit received.

Please refer to the policy for the actual terms and conditions that apply. Some exclusions and exceptions apply. Benefits may differ or not be available in some states. Your agent will explain the benefits available in your state. In the event of any question about the operation of, or coverage under the policy, the terms and conditions of the policy will govern. Policy form series RCT 398, RCT122007; rider series CCR 398, CCFR-604, CCR-122007, CCR-4-2010; and WRK CCFR (01/10).

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